About Us

Ciancoders creates cutting-edge software products that take your business to the next level. That means unleashing your business potential through strategy and innovation with digital trends.

Our success is based on our team, vision, objectives and values.

Ciancoders is not only a technology company with worldwide experience, but also a family full of talented experts that help multinationals, medium-sized companies or even startups with innovative solutions. 

We exist with the goal of improving Guatemala’s competitiveness in the technology sector and by doing that we create jobs across the country.

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Who we are

Ciancoders is a technology company based in Guatemala with operations in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Founded in 2015 by professionals with over 20 years of experience in technology, product development and business.
Our experience and knowledge allow us to improve our clients’ business operations and growth through world-class software solutions, cutting-edge technologies and industry standards.

At Ciancoders, we help companies scale workforce, processes and products, delivering customer satisfaction worldwide.


Our vision

Be the enabler and source of digital transformation solutions for customers around the world.

Our mission

Deliver cutting-edge software solutions that generate revenue without hassle!

Enhance our customers’ business growth with creative software design and development.

Deliver high-quality, market-defining solutions that create value and a reliable competitive advantage for our customers worldwide.

Support our customers with optimal solutions with quality and cost-effective services.

What do we want to be remembered for?

Our definition of success is to be able to make a difference in many lives and businesses, and for being the company that put Guatemala on the map in the technology development sector is what we want to be remembered for.

Our DNA is based on these 4 key pillars

Customer-centric service

For our daily business, the customer is always at the center. As a leading technology development company, our service objectives go beyond our direct customers. We always start from where you are with your ideas and needs, think from the perspective of YOUR end customers, your pain areas and devise a solution that solves the core problems with a value proposition to benefit your business.

Results-oriented approach

Constant and transparent communication is key. No matter what the problem is, our customers need to know that they will always have uncensored information and that we will seek a solution through our resources and the trust we have built.
In the end, it works wonders for our customers’ business. When our team collaborates with our clients who are thousands of miles away, it is clear that the only way to succeed is with this principle.


Always transparent

With all of our experience in the offshore software development industry, we have a great set of internal tools with best-in-class professionals that enables us to deliver solutions with superior quality, at all times. All these years, we have learned how to prevent failures and replicate success. We don’t just brag about quality we also define and deliver it in time.

Quality delivered on time

The roots of our success are related to our vision and the execution of that vision. From sourcing where only 10% of all requests come in, to quality project deliverables, we keep our values intact. We hire passionate people who have the maximum potential to deliver high value on every project because they understand our clients’ high expectations of our work.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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