Project based

End-to-End software development solutions

High-Performing teams for Enterprise Initiatives with a specific budget

Our development teams work on key software initiatives for enterprise clients. We know that it can be difficult to allocate resources to all the development projects that need attention. So we can provide you with the end-to-end service where your team is the Product Owner of any initiative.
This type of projects must comply with some basic rules that allow us to ensure its success, in scope, delivery time and budget, these rules are:

The requirements must be well defined by the customer

If this point cannot be fulfilled, we offer a previous planning and strategy phase that allows to define the project without risks for both parties. This is a service that can help you to generate the planning of any technological initiative in your company.

The budget needs to be defined

This allows us to know if the project can be completed in its entirety or if we should consider leaving features out or increasing the budget based on our customer’s goals.

Specifications cannot be changed without a negotiation

Para respetar el presupuesto y la fecha de entrega, nuestro cliente debe saber que cualquier cambio en el alcance definido generarĂ¡ un retraso o un impacto en el aumento del presupuesto.


Partner with a team of Ciancoders to work in a Project Based solution and we will provide you with a core team that will consist of:

This will ensure that any solution you want to implement will be covered and guaranteed by a team of experts who will work from the ground up until the project has been successfully implemented.

Our digital transformation service includes:

Web Development

Our teams of web developers are dedicated to delivering the highest quality engineering. The team delivers remarkable, fully responsive websites that have superb design and cutting-edge code.

A web application allows you and your customers to have exceptional usability directly from your computer or smartphone around the world.

A web application allows you and your customers to enter and consult, upload, edit or share any amount of information from any device, time and place, immediately, without the need to install anything on your computer or smartphone.


Mobile Applications

Today’s mobile application market has already far surpassed the computer market and continues to grow. Launching a mobile application represents a great opportunity for growth and promotion for your company.

There are two main application markets: Android and iOS (Iphone). The technologies we handle allow us to develop applications for both platforms in a short time, from simple reminder applications, through information capture, to complex social applications with high demand for information, availability and communication.

We help you with the design, development and publication of your next mobile application, which will open the doors to the mass market of smartphones.

UI/UX Design

Customer-friendly user experiences.
In addition to considering multiple factors, we follow a process to produce exciting and innovative UX designs through iterative user research, design, testing and implementation.


Today, having continuous and progressive builds for application delivery is essential in today’s digital world, as an efficient IT system blends seamlessly with the development workflow and the business.

QA & Services

Hire Ciancoders QA experts who are proficient in multiple software testing services using various tools and technologies. Our QA experts deliver successful solutions while minimizing risks. Our rigorous software testing practices are performed for multiple parameters such as functionality, behavior, performance, scalability, compatibility.

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Website and SEO

These are your front page to the world, your letter of introduction and what everyone sees when looking for information about your company.

It is very important to design the home page so that it is easy to understand for the visitor, but also that it fulfills its objective of capturing new clients and promoting your products and services.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the set of good practices and in turn the constant work that must be applied to a website to be well rated in search engines such as google. Having a good SEO guarantees that your company will always appear in the first results when a person searches for information about your services.

We can create your website with a very attractive design and focused on attracting more customers and with our constant SEO service we can position your brand among the best in your region and the world.

Cloud Infrastructure Management:

We provide cloud architects who can design, configure and manage the entire cloud environment for every type and size of enterprise.

The information stored and the proper functioning of the servers is crucial to your business, it is a priority to maintain constant monitoring and high security practices to ensure that your business is always on its way to success.

The work of maintaining and administering a server is very complex and requires advanced computer security knowledge. Along with our digital development services, we also provide the service of maintenance and constant monitoring of servers, so you can have full confidence and peace of mind that all your information will always be available and secure.


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